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Erin Pattullo

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shop re-launch

shop will be updated April 4th 2018

Hello All! 

I am back in the studio after a much needed break from ceramics, I headed back to Texas for a few weeks, and set some boundaries, hopes and ended up with a little more understanding of what Mortar and Stone is meant to be. 

I am working to create a healthier relationship with my craft, scheduling time, giving myself a bit more freedom and most of all understanding that my mission statement applies to me, not just my clients. 

"Mortar and Stone Ceramics is a company invested in the intentionality of design, dedicated to the reality of flourishing relationships and committed to the importance of rest and space." 

This Month:

I am working with Hygge Life and Fond Life as well as a few individuals that have commissioned things for their homes. 



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Thank you for your support and understanding. 




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How the online shop works 


 I launch quarterly

Producing for months at a time gives me the creative freedom to make mistakes and experiment with material, form and color. It is a privilege to be able to produce work that I really do enjoy, this only happens through days in the studio where I can afford to make many mistakes. Every time you purchase a piece off my online shop you enable me to continue forth with this creative process, you encourage me and essentially are feeding me. 

However; I can only make so much work even in a few months, packaging and running to the post office pulls me out of the studio more than you think it would. So keeping the shop up for a month concentrates all this, and gives me time to produce and invest in other companies(which I equally love) 



Brands I am working with now

Fawns Leap 

River North Workshop

Hygge Life

Silver Grizzly Espresso

Manofatto gift boxes

Light Provision Candles



having a hard time getting ahold of me? 

 If it has been more than a week since I have replied to you never hesitate to send another email, I'm the one running this one-man-band and sometimes things get messy. 



Interested in hosting a pop up at your shop? Shoot me an email! 

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Why the name?  

Mortar, holds things together

 Stone in the English definition is

‘Sediment shaped for a purpose’


Some of the most intentional conversations often happen over a cup of coffee or a meal. The importance of community became a reality to me in the fall of 2015 and has driven me to the pursuit of making intentionally designed goods for people’s homes.


People are shaped for a purpose and should be held together, speak truth into one another’s lives and spur each other on. 


Based in Aurora Colorado, Mortar and Stone is located in Jubilee Roasting Company. So come get some great coffee and hang out, I’d love to meet you!