Currently booked through May.

Here’s How This Works!

Look though some of my work, get yourself familiar! Once you have decided what you might want to commission(be specific), submit a form (at the bottom of this page) and I will get back to you with a Quote, Time Frame and answer any questions you might have! If you feel like you have a stupid question, please ask it anyway. If the price point is above what you are hoping to spend, please don’t feel any pressure to move forward I will not be upset!

once you have decided to place your order you will be charged 30% of your order cost (as a deposit) this locks your place in as a commission.

(below is a short list of some round about prices and items, so you know what you might be getting into!)

“What are some things I could order?”

Budvases- singles or multiples!- ($22)

short mugs - ($34)

tall mugs - ($40)

whiskey cups - ($42)

serving bowls - ($100-200)

candlestick holders - small ($22) med ($34) tall ($40)

match holders - ($20)

small dishes -($14)

( of course you can commission things that are not on this list!)


get a box of littles! - 12 ($145) 6 ($90)

a small candlestick(with candle) and match holder - ($43)

a set of 6 small dishes - ($86)

(prices do not include shipping) Locals are able to skip shipping cost and pick up at the studio.

Ready to ask me to make you something?

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Were you hoping to commission a dinner set?

I only take a few dinner set commissions a year, but never hesitate to reach out.

I am currently working on a set up for the site to explain the process, as well as make commissioning dinner sets easier.

thanks for your patience!